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Hypnosis Training Courses

Foundation Hypnosis Course

If you're a hypnotherapist, you already know how useful hypnosis is, particularly for anxiety, complex clients or emergency cases. And if you're a psychotherapist, counsellor, coach, or other practitioner, you probably want to know what all the fuss is about…   Find out more »

Advanced hypnosis course

Since you first learnt hypnosis, have you ever felt that there must be something more out there? That perhaps you could expand your communication skills to help more people more of the time? That there may be some 'secret way' to become highly skilled with hypnosis?…   Find out more »

Smoking Cessation Course

If you've spent time treating clients for their smoking habit, you'll be familiar with that 'ganged up on' feeling.

You know: the sense that you're actually fighting the smoker in your consulting room, rather than helping them.

And that they've got backup fighting for them too - the cigarettes.…   Find out more »

Rewind Technique Trauma Treatment Course

Every practitioner knows that trauma is a part of many problems. But very few know to what extent, and more importantly, how to treat trauma quickly. And if you treat people with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) or severe phobias, you'll know these are among the worst things to live with.…   Find out more »

How to Lift Depression Fast home study course

Most depressed people don't want to take drugs, but they don't know who to turn to. I want them to be able to turn to you. I want you to be known by their doctors, their families, their friends, as the person who finally helped them recover. I want you to be known in your community as someone who can help depressed people, quickly and permanently. So that doctors and other practitioners know who to send them to when they feel hopeless in the face of their depression.…   Find out more »