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Q:  Do hypnosis recordings MP3’s / CD’s / DVD’s really work?

A:  Yes they do.

Imagine attending a live, one to one hypnotherapy session and being asked to put on headphones, the therapist then speaking to you via a microphone and gently taking you into hypnosis using their voice. The point I am making is that in that situation, once your eyes are closed, it may be impossible for you to tell whether you are being spoken to by the hypnotist speaking live, or whether you are listening to a recording!

Hypnosis audio is not a gimmick, and can bring about tremendous changes. After all, nothing is potentially more powerful than the human mind. Conventional treatments, techniques and therapies (such as talking therapies) often give us insights into our problems, help, advice, and information - but none of this is usually heard by, or registered in the subconscious part of the mind. The subconscious (often called the unconscious) is the powerhouse within the mind, rather like a computer, which decides how we feel and react to situations. It is in control of our habits, abilities, emotions and so on. Hypnosis is most definitely the most effective way of gaining access to this "computer" to tune in to what is being said and carry out instructions and requests.


Recorded hypnosis can have its own unique charm and effect, and be played again and again repeatedly. This is a huge advantage because repetition and hypnosis were made for one another. Quite often, the more a hypnotic command is heard, the more deeply embedded it becomes. Repeated hypnotic suggestions, like affirmations, are a form of conditioning. Live hypnosis may be the ultimate, but the recorded medium has an appeal and power all of its own. As with rock and roll, it all boils down to quality. If you purchase a second rate record, don't expect it to want to play it very often or expect it to change your life! The same applies to hypnosis audio - if you buy the cheap stuff, you will soon discover, like any other product in the market place or record store, that it was cheap for a good reason!

Should you visit a hypnotherapist instead of purchasing a hypnosis CD?

There should be no harm in trying hypnosis audio and seeing if it helps first of all. In much the same way as people often find self help or self improvement books turn out to be better than therapy! On the other hand, I've been a hypnotherapist for over fourteen years and I can honestly say that no problem I treat is ever quite the same. More often than not, the people I treat have a complicated story to tell about the lead up up to the problem they are experiencing. All of us are unique and have different pasts, different characteristics, different experiences, different ways of looking at things. Obviously the help they receive from one-to-one hypnotherapy is aimed specifically at their own personal needs and expectations.